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New education and training models, new capital, and new EdTech players are targeting the post-secondary landscape that will gradually reshape how we learn and innovate.

Whether it’s digital transformation challenges, increasing enrollment revenue, or decreasing support costs through automation, the disruption in education today demands targeted and proven actions to generate meaningful improvement quickly.

Chief Outsiders bring deep expertise in helping organizations across the education spectrum maximize resources, meet institution expectations, enhance learner success, and achieve sustainable program and revenue growth.

Our seniority and tenure set us apart. We bring hands-on education experience and knowledge to assist Academic Executives, L&D Leadership, and EdTech investors in navigating, planning, and executing. We can help you:

  • Develop strategic frameworks, restructuring considerations, and implementation road maps
  • Market research and competitor analyses to find innovative new programs and services that will attract and retain learners
  • Enhance learner experiences and harness data for better outcomes and process improvements
  • Build top-performing teams to achieve superior, consistent results

Working with your team, they empower leaders to reimagine education and training, elevating institutional performance through a range of marketing services and initiatives such as:

  • Optimizing EdTech infrastructure and technology adoption to reduce costs (i.e., CRM, LMS, SIS, ERP)
  • Creating B2C and B2B market awareness and learner conversion using the latest marketing technologies
  • Conducting student experience assessments to identify performance gaps, develop execution plans and KPIs
  • Delivering professional market research to consolidate insights, options, implications, and manage risks
  • Formalizing program innovation, technologies, marketing processes, learner support, and change management
  • Freeing up resources to help build the foundational, fundamental and transformational requirements to scale the institution

Chief Outsiders knows the global learning landscape. Our perspective is informed by continuous deep experience guiding and assisting institutions with a variety of needs across a broad range of service offerings.

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