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Remote Marketing ConsultantsYou need not settle for a hometown marketing resource to generate leads, craft targeted messaging, and lead your marketing process. A skilled and experienced Fractional Chief Marketing Officer from Chief Outsiders is well suited to be your remote marketing consultant – delivering a deep understanding of your market and helping you to meet your marketing goals while remaining fully remote.

With their advanced marketing tools and capabilities, a Chief Outsiders CMO is ready to invest in your brand from a distance, embedding with your C-level team and overseeing your marketing resources to develop a growth-oriented go-to-market plan. And, beyond that of a typical digital marketing consultant, a Chief Outsiders CMO is prepared to direct all aspects of your marketing strategy – we have CMOs with experience in more than 70 industries, so you can select the right professional for the job.

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Senior Marketing ConsultantsAchieving marketplace success is too critical to your bottom line to be left to junior resources. Senior marketing consultants are the best marketing consultants for your company. They work collaboratively with your team to foster performance improvements that lead to operational marketing excellence. Chief Outsiders is made up of a corps of more than 100 top-tier, C-level marketing consultants with decades of experience in your industry – delivering time-tested methodologies, processes, and a track record of success that provides the assurance that you are working with the best in the business. In today’s competitive landscape, you need to partner with a fractional CMO who can fuel sales and revenue growth, drive results, and help you capture – and retain – a decided competitive edge.


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Marketing Consultant OutsourcingIf your in-house marketing team isn’t delivering results, and your run-of-the-mill marketing agency hasn’t given you the value you expect for your investment, perhaps it’s time to explore marketing consultant outsourcing.

At Chief Outsiders, we have more than 100 fractional Chief Marketing Officers who are ready to be your trusted partner in developing next-generation marketing outputs – not just strategy, but also implementation of your go-to-market plans. Our CMOs are highly experienced and ROI-focused, so they will set up the analysis needed to ensure you are measuring business success.

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Virtual Marketing Consultant FAQs

Question: How much do virtual marketing consultants charge?

Answer: Many virtual marketing consultants do not charge an upfront fee for leading a needs assessment or discovery process. If it is determined to be a fit, marketing consultants typically are compensated via a monthly retainer, based on a percentage of the CMO’s time you are requiring and multiplied by the number of months they’ll be involved in the engagement.

Question: Why Hire a Virtual Marketing Consultant?

Answer: You likely need a virtual marketing consultant if you are experiencing growing pains or competitive pressure. Also, if you are entering a new market, you may find your existing marketing engine to be less productive. CEOs tend to hire virtual marketing consultants when they reach an inflection point – realizing that they are spending a lot of money on marketing, but unsure of, or unable to measure, ROI.

Question: What is a virtual marketing consultant?

Answer: Generally, a virtual marketing consultant is a for-hire resource that can offer the skills and experiences you need to manage or improve aspects of your company’s strategic and tactical marketing approach; though they can provide service in person, there tend to be some efficiencies and logistical benefits from working with a marketing consultant via virtual means.

Question: How much do virtual marketing consultants charge?

Answer: Compensation for virtual marketing consultants varies, depending upon the skill and experience of the consultant. Typically, virtual marketing consultants collect a fee or retainer for a block of hours of dedicated time to your company.

Question: What to expect from a virtual marketing consultant?

Answer: When hiring a virtual marketing consultant, you should expect a level of expertise and insights that is greater than what you currently have on your team. Look for a marketing growth strategist that understands your industry, with skills and experiences that align well with your business, and the industries and markets in which you compete.

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