Outro – Neverending Thanks

(after Lupe Fiasco)

Much love goes out to all of those that helped make Hasta La Basura Se Separa [artcrush] a success!

Los Outsiders would like to express our gratitude to:
each other- Salvador Castillo, Michael Anthony García, Hector Hernandez

Robert Boland
Hunter Cross
Michael Anthony García
Katy Heinlein
William Hundley
Kathy Kelley
Eduardo Muñoz
Teruko Nimura
Jared Steffensen
Jade Walker
Mike Womack
Eric Zimmerman

The Mexican State of Tamaulipas
The city of Nuevo Laredo
Espacio Cultural de la Antigua Aduana
Hector R. Lecanda
Maria Rosa Muñoz
La presidenta del Comité de Cultura, Manuelita Gallegos Garza
ingeniero Ramón Garza Barrios
Alan Alvarez
Juan Flores
Imelda Kazares
Myrna Santos
Magaly Villanueva
Gladys Varela
Jhovanni Raga

Joaquin Muñoz Mejia, agente aduanal
Palos Garza Transporte
Jorge & Ana Rodriguez from Casa Verde Coffee & Cake Boutique
Bibi Zarate
Hector Hernandez Garza

Enrique R. Vilches
Bobby Bacon
Elaine Bradford
Meghan Turner
MASS Gallery, esp. Xochi Solis and Jules Jones

If you can’t make it to Nuevo Laredo between Nov 15 and Dec 31, 2008, here’s a sneak peak on Flickr.


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