Dance Your Pants Off: Fundraiser/Art Community Event


Thanks again to all our dancers and supporters who came out to cheer and laugh! This was by far the most fun fundraiser I’ve ever been a part of because you all BROUGHT IT!


Event Info: Dance Your Pants Off (#DYPO), is Los Outsiders’ dance competition amongst the various art institutions, collectives and venues in the city competing for the coveted Golden Chancla Trophy.

Utilizing a generously provided space at the Canopy Art Complex (Thank you Big Medium!), the competition takes place on October 18, 2014 at 8 p.m.

IMG_1741 IMG_1739.GIF IMG_1738.GIF IMG_1746 IMG_1743.GIF IMG_1737.GIFIMG_1748 IMG_1747.GIF

Each organization will be represented by a team of two dancers. Teams then face off, get evaluated, judged, and eliminated, until a team emerges victorious and anointed with the title of Austin Arts Scene’s lightest feet.

Entry and access to donated beverages and snacks is only $10 per person with special “Outsider Bucks” available for purchase at the door. Use Outsider Bucks as “mordidas” to sway the Los Outsider Judges and influence the contest’s outcome in support of your favorite team. Upon conclusion of the competition, the dance floor opens up for spectators to join in on the fun. Your generous donations will help us put together our next curatorial project at the MACC in April of next year!

Album of event photos can be found by clicking on the image below:



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