Do you Live in District One? Want to help with our / person / place / thing / project?

We are reaching out to connect to individuals in our district who might like to be a part of our project.

One of our goals is to amplify the voices of the people in District One and shine a light on the great community we have here! We’d love to have you participate or point us in the right direction to connect to our community, so we can make this something District One can be proud of!

Please take a moment to read an abbreviated description about us below and what we would like to do. Then, let us know when you might be able to meet with us to start a conversation. A more detailed description of our Drawing Lines project is attached.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Los Outsiders Drawing Lines Infor Sheet


4 thoughts on “Do you Live in District One? Want to help with our / person / place / thing / project?

  1. Sounds interesting! I live in the WP neighborhood and just retired from teaching art with AISD. We have a neighborhood gallery, Cement Loop right across the street from our WP Library. If you look in the latest E.A.S.T. catalog, you’ll see we have lots of artist studios. I would be interested in having a dialog with your group, to see what it’s about. Thanks! Linda Anderson

  2. I’m in! Please let me know when meetings occur.
    Chanin McClurkin (WP resident and artist)

    1. Hi Chanin! Thanks for the interest. I’ll add you on Facebook if that’s ok so we can get your contact info to set up a photo session etc for the project! -Michael Anthony García

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