Capirotada (Of a Personal Nature) @ grayDUCK Gallery

Capirotada is a delicious Mexican bread pudding concocted from a wide variety of nuts and fruits with syrup-soaked bread. In a similar vein, the Los Outsiders’ curated exhibition, CAPIROTADA: Of a Personal Nature, collects a varied group of artists that we originally shared with each other for consideration, having no specific curatorial objective in mind. Instead, we began with an interest in highlighting exciting artists some of us had not had a chance to work with before.

However, during our virtual studio visits, the syrupy bread–in the form of serendipitous connections between the artists’ work and practices–congealed into genuine dialogues about self-reflection, meditation, and communing with nature through art. The artists of CAPIROTADA bridge the ideas of the individual in search of solace in a natural world, and our place in the bowl of pudding.

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