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Contract CMO | Contract Chief Marketing Officer

A contract CMO from Chief Outsiders can help you revitalize your go-to-market strategies on a temporary basis – whether you need a stopgap option after the departure of your last full-time CMO, or simply someone with broad, global insights to help you bring your marketing efforts into the present day. 

Chief Outsiders takes all the guesswork out of the contract CMO relationship – providing information to make the contracting relationship clear, including contract samples and contract templates. And, with part-time CMOs that have experience in more than 70 industries, you can be assured of finding the right professional for the contract role.


Benefits of a Part-Time CMO from Chief Outsiders

Benefits of a Part-Time CMO

Part-Time CMOs from Chief Outsiders bring immense value to the table, including:

  • Ability to hit the ground running
  • Broad experience and deep skill
  • Adept at motivating your in-house marketing team
  • Experienced at managing outside agencies for tactical execution
  • Growth-oriented strategy development expertise
  • Right-sized value versus the compensation required
Chief Outsiders can bring these benefits of a Part-Time CMO in the form of hard-to-find executive-level talent to your organization - and right away, without incurring the delays an extensive search process entails.


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Part-Time CMO FAQs

Question: What is a part-time CMO?

Answer: A part-time CMO is one that serves the role of your most senior marketing executive, but on a right-sized basis, depending upon your needs and resources.

Question: How much do part-time CMOs charge?

Answer: Compensation for part-time CMOs varies, depending upon the skill and experience of the consultant and the number of hours required of the role.

Question: Should I hire a part-time CMO?

Answer: Hiring a part-time CMO is essential if you are looking for a highly experienced industry marketing expert who is adept at developing market-driven insights, motivating your in-house marketing team to focus and excel, and even overseeing outside marketing agencies that are better suited for tactical execution.

Question: What does a part-time CMO do?

Answer: A part-time CMO is a highly-experienced industry marketing executive who is prepared to function as an integral member of your senior leadership team and carry out all of the responsibilities required of the role – simply on a part-time basis.

Question: What makes a good part-time CMO?

Answer: A good part-time CMO has broad experience and deep skill as a senior leader and member of the executive team, yet is also adept at functioning at the strategic and executional levels of your marketing organization.

Question: Why should you hire a part-time CMO?

Answer: You should hire a part-time CMO if you are looking for someone ready to hit the ground running – embedding with your leadership team and becoming personally invested and dedicated to your company and its objectives. They’re ideally suited to take the reins of your marketing strategy development process, helping to develop and implement marketing strategies that will drive growth for your organization. 


Part-Time CMO vs. Fractional CMO

There is essentially no difference between a part-time CMO and a Fractional CMO; they are merely different terms for the same thing - a very senior marketer with experience running, building, and mentoring a marketing operation who can step in and helm a company’s marketing function on a part-time or fractional basis.

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