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virtual-CMOThe speed of business today requires that a company make the moves needed – right now - in order to stay competitive and protect market share. Not every company has the resources to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Fortunately, at Chief Outsiders, we have more than 130 fractional Chief Marketing Officers available to you right now to focus on your business growth – easing the burden of searching for the right resource at the right time. And – with the advanced tools available at their disposal – you can leverage the experience and insights of a seasoned professional via virtual means, right away. As a change catalyst, your Virtual CMO will get to work on your marketing stack, helping you to lower your customer acquisition costs while bringing your marketing vision to life.


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Advantages of a Virtual CMO from Chief Outsiders

Enterprises are increasingly managing remote and distributed teams, particularly since the pandemic, when remote and virtual work finally became legitimized in every industry.  Chief Outsiders Virtual CMOs are particularly adept at accommodating colleagues' auditory and visual learning styles, an important skill in a now Zoom/Microsoft Teams-centered world.  They also tend to have high emotional IQs, which makes them highly effective at mentoring and building marketing teams, and working with other groups in your company to put your idealized marketing stack in place.  With their extensive experience, they are prepared to hit the ground running and get your team aligned to get results quickly.


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Remote CMO | Remote CMO Services | Remote Chief Marketing Officer

remote-CMOYou need not limit yourself to a local marketing resource when it comes to generating leads, crafting targeted messaging, and leading your digital transformation. In a world of global business, location need not be a factor anymore; you can hire a remote CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) on a fractional basis from Chief Outsiders who is skilled and experienced in providing marketing consulting services. Their deep understanding of your market can help you achieve your marketing goals without the need for physical presence. With their advanced marketing tools and capabilities, a Chief Outsiders CMO can be a passionate advocate for your company, leading strategy and research, helping to develop your internal talent, providing temporary project management, leading a marketing process audit, and, perhaps most critically, leading through change. Our remote CMOs are ready to invest in your brand virtually, embedding with your C-level team, and overseeing your marketing resources to develop a growth-oriented go-to-market plan. Chief Outsiders has CMOs with experience in more than 70 industries, enabling you to choose the right professional for the job.


Virtual CMO Company | Virtual CMO Companies

virtual-CMO-companyGeography should not limit your search for experienced marketing professionals. Chief Outsiders has a team of over 130 executive marketing strategy consultants who can offer an unbiased outside opinion, suggest growth drivers, and provide mentorship through virtual engagement or in-person meetings. Each of our virtual CMOs has been selected from top B2B and B2C companies and can work closely with your leadership team to understand your unique value proposition and business objectives. They have the expertise to develop fresh and impactful marketing strategies that will drive growth for your organization while ensuring high marketing ROI. By choosing Chief Outsiders, you can access experienced professionals for fractional engagements, making it a more affordable option than hiring a full-time CMO or marketing agency. Our team delivers with excellence, earning more than 2.5 times the industry average Net Promoter Score from satisfied clients.


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Virtual CMO Services | Virtual Chief Marketing Officer Services | Hiring a Virtual CMO

virtual-CMO-servicesAs business challenges become increasingly complex, it is essential to make data-driven decisions and have domain expertise to stay ahead of demand generation gaps. Building a plan and setting up processes that can adapt to the evolving market is key to driving revenue growth and achieving a solid ROI. Hiring a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) from a trusted firm can provide the necessary expertise to connect with buyers and accelerate sales. A fractional CMO can deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy that is tailored to your unique needs, lead competitive intelligence efforts, and identify and manage progress toward KPIs. By selecting a virtual CMO service firm, you can access experienced professionals who can work alongside the CEO and embed with your executive level leadership to align marketing goals with high-level business objectives. This collaboration creates a strong marketing machine that you can rely on to achieve your company's goals.

Chief Outsiders’ virtual CMO services can help your company:

  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Manage external marketing agencies
  • Oversee sales enablement programs 
  • Spearhead branding efforts, and 
  • Execute product launches, demand generation campaigns, and channel marketing initiatives.

Our fractional CMOs can help ensure that your company is meeting its strategic objectives, including key performance indicators, and is maximizing the return from its overall marketing operations.


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Virtual CMO FAQs

What is a Virtual CMO?

A virtual CMO is a change catalyst and business growth expert who is available to dispense C-level insights, suggest advertising strategies, and oversee process improvement by virtual engagement.

How much do Virtual CMO's charge?

Virtual CMOs typically are compensated via monthly retainer, based on a percentage of the CMO’s time you are requiring and multiplied by the number of months they’ll be involved in the engagement.

What is a Virtual CMO Agency? 

A virtual CMO agency such as Chief Outsiders is the quickest way to hire a CMO to serve as a senior marketing leader who aligns with your C-suite and executive management. Chief Outsiders does the heavy lifting of ensuring that you are hiring a fractional CMO who has achieved excellence in marketing leadership, who has delivered proven results, and who can align with your corporate culture.

Why hire a Virtual CMO?

You likely need a virtual CMO if you are experiencing growing pains or competitive pressures that need immediate attention. Also, if you are entering a new market, you may find your existing marketing engine to be less productive. CEOs tend to hire virtual marketing consultants when they reach an inflection point – realizing that they are spending a lot of money on marketing, but unsure of, or unable to measure, ROI.

What does a Virtual CMO do?

A Virtual CMO has responsibility for the strategic growth plan of the company, and for the support of that growth roadmap through the marketing engine. They’re also charged with building that engine with the appropriate resources and tactics, overseeing the execution, and scaling the business for growth.

What to expect from a Virtual CMO?

When hiring a virtual CMO, you should expect a level of expertise and insights that is greater than what you currently have on your team. Look for a marketing growth strategist that understands your industry, with skills and experiences that align well with your business, and the industries and markets in which you compete.

What can you do with a Virtual CMO?

A virtual CMO is adept at high-level strategies and will help you to develop marketing campaigns, manage external marketing agencies, oversee sales enablement programs, spearhead branding efforts, and execute product launches, demand generation campaigns, and channel marketing initiatives.

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