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Sharon Spooler

Managing Partner, Midwest
Works with CEOs at start-ups, VC and PE funded, and privately-held companies to choose a CMO matched to their business needs.

About Sharon

Sharon, a Chief Outsiders Managing Partner, works with CEOs at financial services, SaaS, technology, and other industries to choose a CMO matched to their business needs, industry and culture. With an academic background spanning data science, engineering, marketing, and leadership development, Sharon analyzes trends to inform Marketing strategy and then leads both the systems and change management elements of implementation.

Having worked closely with startups and corporate leadership teams, she has the marketing, product management and analytics expertise to match CEOs with the Chief Outsider who can deliver successful growth strategies. Sharon brings clarity to understanding the ROI and sales impact of marketing programs while ensuring those tactics are aligned with overall strategy.

Introduction to Sharon

Client Testimonial

How Sharon has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Led team that delivered 250% revenue growth and 300% new customer growth for a for-profit, online higher education company.
  • Doubled revenue in 18 months from existing products in three new markets developing and implementing a go-to-market strategy leveraging distributors and channel partners.
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost from $1,200 to $75 in 18 months while sustaining 200% growth rate across digital channels leading implementation of a marketing dashboard and reporting system.
  • Doubled qualified leads creating a direct marketing channel that became the most profitable channel for a B2C finance company.
  • Generated a 50% increase in sales leads and a 20% increase in sales closed year-over-year developing new lead generation programs.
  • Developed go to market strategy for a new analytics product that provided over $3 million in first-year revenue
  • Drove a 300% increase in leads and 200% increase in marketing-influenced sales, overhauling the go to market strategy for a virtual reality training company, including updated pricing, messaging, and marketing systems.

Client Resources

Client Case Studies

Executive Experience

  • CMO, BlueYield
  • CMO, StraighterLine
  • SVP, Marketing Analysis at Wells Fargo
  • Business Director, Marketing Analysis at CapitalOne
  • Director, Product Marketing at ID Analytics (now part of Symantec)


Clients Served

  • Egnyte (Computer Software)
  • WonderProxy (Computer Software)
  • One Workplace (Corporate Office Furniture and Services)
  • LoanScience (AI and Data Science)
  • Ytel Inc. (Computer Software)
  • SSR Engineering, Inc. (Technology and Manufacturing)
  • Outside Financial (Financial Services)
  • Vektrex (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing)
  • Auto Gravity (Financial Services)
  • Infocast (Media & Entertainment)
  • VirTra (Technology and Manufacturing)
  • TBConsulting (Information Technology and Services)
  • J.D. Byrider (Financial Services)
  • Rogue Wave Software (Computer Software)
  • AvantGuard Monitoring (SaaS)
  • Freeus (Medical Device)
  • Gryphon Networks (Computer Software)
  • Grasp Technologies, Inc. (Computer Software)
  • Isos Technology (Information Technology & Services)
  • HG Insights (Data/Analytics)
  • AcctTwo (Professional Services)
  • LensLock (Technology and Manufacturing)


  • Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Civil Engineering and Operations Research with a concentration in Engineering Management Systems, Princeton University
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching training, CTI; Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Pragmatic Marketing certified
  • Six Sigma Sponsor certified


“Sharon from Chief Outsiders began her engagement with Isos in late 2019, and I can honestly say that she is the best thing to ever happen to our marketing team. She has taught us a whole new way of looking at marketing and creating a detailed strategy around our key initiatives. We’re really learning to focus on what’s important to the company and ultimately what will most likely create marketing qualified leads (MQLs). These little rays of sunshine lead to sales qualified leads (SQLs), which lead to opportunities, and eventually sales deals. We went from being very dependent on in-person events for our leads prior to Sharon’s arrival, and now we are generating 100% through digital which couldn’t have come at a better time than during the pandemic. Plus, total monthly leads are up 50%-80% over what they were before she arrived.”

Beth West, Director of Marketing, Isos Technology


“Having a peer to bounce things off of isn't common when you're the president. Discussing marketing, overall strategy and organization with Sharon has been extremely helpful. She grasped our issues right away and came up with effective strategies, suggestions and solutions.” 

Gretchen Luchsinger, President, Infocast
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“Sharon is a no-nonsense leader who has the ability to cut through the noise and get at the heart of the business issues at hand. Her intuition and perspective on personalities is a great tool that she uses with skill. I'd love the opportunity to work with Sharon again.”

Tom Tobin, CEO, ModelShop


"If someone is looking to drive change in their marketing organization, Chief Outsiders can do it."

Josh Garner, CEO, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers

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Industry Experience Specialties
  • Sales/Marketing Automation/MarTech
  • Demand Generation
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Attribution Analysis
  • Executive Coaching
  • Growth Workshops
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